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Issue 623 2019.10



The Kindergarten as a Second Home -
The magazine contains an interview with Co-founder Binke Lenhardt on the background of the development of the kindergarten in rural Jiangsu.

You can read the interview here:
SPACE Korea: https://vmspace.com

Interview in English

Interview in Korean

IDEAT 理想家 2019.06

Architecture Technique 2018.04

Architecture Technique


Featuring the Design of the two schools: "Thinking behind the Design of the Affiliated High school of Peking University and Chaoyang Future School"

Discover Issue 60 March 2018

Discover Germany


Discover Germany promotes German, Austrian and Swiss lifestyle, travel and business. In this special feature "Dedicated to Architecture" the practice of Crossboundaries is featured among other architectural offices, elaborating on the firms vision within both the Chinese and the German context.

Discover Germany issue 60

Discover Website

Architectural Journal 2018.06

AJ-Architectural Journal


Chaoyang Future School and the Affiliated Highschool of Peking University are both published in this issue of AJ on education

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